Eleven Mile Canyon runs along South Platte River which is fed by Eleven Mile Reservoir. The road along the canyon use to be a railroad bed but is now a great scenic drive. There are many activities, but is a very popular fishing spot year round.

Eleven Mile is towards the west side of Pikes National Forest, which means there are only smaller foot hills. Because of the smaller foot hills it is very easily accessable and known for climbing and fishing.


Overlook Trail


The overlook trail is located at the end of the canyon, where the canyon meets the reservoir. It is a quick trail 0.8 mile trail with great views. The trail is located right at the base of Spillway Campground and right down the road from idlewilde picnic area and cove campground.

The trail is a little steep but still pretty easy. Just make sure you take the large switch back (past walking inbetween the rock formation). If the trail is snow covered it can be a little difficult to see where the trail is and easy to get confused. Regardless of where you end up, there are great views.

Hardrock Trail


This trail is a short point to point trail. It goes from Riverside Campground to Blue Mountain Campground. The trail is lightly travelled and goes by Teller Pegmatite Mine.


Eleven Mile Canyon does not have many trails and the trails that are there are not very biking friendly. Fortunately, the forest service roads are well maintained and offer great views and tunnels.


The canyon has a large amount of camping sites. Just remember camping is only allowed in designated sites. Camping requires a reservation which (according to the forest service's website) can be made at

  • Cove Campground
  • Riverside Campground
  • Spillway Campground
  • Springer Gulch Campground


There are almost 100 climbs at Eleven Mile Canyon. A full list can be found on Mountain Project's site.

Eleven Mile Dome

Full list of climbs at Eleven Mile Dome

Spray Wall

Full list of climbs at Spray Wall

Arch Rock

Full list of climbs at Arch Rock

Turret Dome

Full list of climbs at Turret Dome

Springer Gultch Wall and Bouldering

Full list of climbs at Srpinger Gultch Wall

River Wall

Full list of climbs at River Wall

The Icebox

Full list of climbs at the Icebox

Pine Cone Dome

Full list of climbs at Pine Cone Dome

Other Climbing Spots

There are more spots than listed above, check them out here


Eleven Mile Canyon has become "a big deal" for fly fishing. This section of the South Platte River is fishable year round as it rarely freezes over in the winter. It is rated as intermediately difficult to fish, but regardless of what you catch it offers great views.

Before heading out, consult Fly Cast USA for weekly reports, river flow info, and recommended flies.