Whether you are from the Colorado Springs looking for a weekend getaway or on vacation trying to get the Colorado experience, a secluded cabin is the ultimate solution. You have to be careful a lot of places will advertise their cabin as a secluded, but in reality, their neighbor is a stone throw away. To get the secluded Colorado cabin feel you need to venture to the west slopes on the front range. All these cabins are about an hour drive from Colorado Springs. For the second largest city in the state, and hour drive is a good deal to find yourself alone in the Rocky Mountains.

The first two cabins are more on the luxurious side. They are both operated by resorts with one based out of Colorado Springs and the other based out of Woodland Park. The next couple cabins are individually rented cabins out on the southern west slopes of the front range. Finally, some honorable mentions are included. These honorable mentions do not quite qualify as cabins but may just be exactly what you are looking for.

Ranch at Emerald Valley

copper cabin at emerald valley

Ranch at Emerald Valley

The ranch at emerald valley offers the most luxurious experience in the springs. The Ranch at Emerald Valley is operated by the Broadmoor who runs a 5-star hotel in the springs. If you have the money the ranch offers you a mostly secluded experience. The ranch is about 9 miles down old stage road which is a slightly rocky mountain road. Do not worry though, the Broadmoor provides a shuttle so no need to worry about having a 4WD vehicle. The dirt road brings you deep into Pikes National forest far away from civilization and cell service. I called them mostly secluded because you are far away from civilization, but there are a group of cabins around the little lake.

The ranch has 13 luxury cabins that range in size from one bedroom to three bedrooms. Combined, the cabins can accommodate up to 32 guests making it a mostly secluded experience. The layout for each cabin and lodge can be found on their website as well as the property map.

  • Amenities: Hot tub, horse stables, fire pits, internet
  • Bathroom: Running water
  • Meals: Included
  • Bedrooms: 1 - 3

Pikes Peak Resort

upper cabin of pikes peak resort

Cabins at Pikes Peak Resort

Pikes Peak Resort is a 160-acre ranch located north of Woodland Park and average in price for about $400/night. The cabins are nestled in the center of the Front Range Mountains and are close to the J O Hill Reservoir. They give you incredible views of the Pikes Peak region and San Isabel National Forest. The cabins are decently separated from each other, so this has my seal of approval for a Colorado secluded cabin. The road to the cabins is a well-maintained dirt road. It is less than a mile on the dirt road to the farthest cabin, so this is easily accessible by low clearance 2WD vehicles.

The ranch offers five different cabins of varying size. There is one bedroom, three two bedrooms, and one three-bedroom cabin. Cabin layouts can be found on their website, and each cabin comes with every amenity that would be expected in a standard house. Most cabins come with a private fire pit and hot tub for year-round use. All cabins are located on a bluff with some facing west and some facing east. Depending on the cabin you rent you will either get an breathtaking sunrise or sunset.

These cabins are popular because of their secludedness and views so reservations need to be made months in advance. The minimum stay is for three nights, but sometimes exceptions per season are made for a two-night minimum.

  • Amenities: Full kitchen, private hot tubs, gas fireplace, washer and dryer, Wi-Fi, gas grill, private fire pit.
  • Bathroom: Running water
  • Bedrooms: 1 - 3

Private Mountain Cabin with 360 Views

private cabin

Private Mountain Cabin

This private and secluded cabin is the farthest cabin on this list, but that is the price you pay to get a truly secluded cabin. This cabin is near Guffey, CO as almost 10,000ft and is affordable at $144/night.

The cabin can host 3 guests comfortably with one bedroom, one bathroom, and one bed. The views of the collegiate peaks is exceptional. The surrounding area is idea for hiking, biking, and fishing. The secludedness of the cabin also makes it a great place for star gazing at night. The property itself is 7 acres but is right against public land. The sunroom and two-person hot tub goes above and beyond making this one of my favorite places to stay near Colorado Springs.

This cabin does not recommend infants 0-2 years old. They have a two dog maximum limit. Most of the time a 2WD car is fine, but because of the remoteness a 4WD is highly recommended. Depending on weather there may be snow, mud or ice making driving difficult. At times you may need to park a little ways away from the cabin. Although it can accommodate three guests, a third guest will increase the price and require special preparation.

  • Amenities: two person hot tub, wood fireplace, TV with speaker and internet, AC, washer/dryer, fire pit
  • Bathroom: Running water
  • Guests: 3
  • Price: $144/night

Aspen Lake House

aspen lake house

Family Vacations at Aspen Lake House

The Aspen Lake House is located in teller county well away from others at 9,100ft. The property is 40 acres in Pikes National Forest that is right along side the beautiful Skagway Reservoir. Because the cabin is right next to the Skagway Reservoir there are a lot of additional activities. The reservoir has great trout fishing and allows for canoeing as well as small boats. It is 12 miles from cripple creek and an hour and 15 minutes from western Colorado Springs. It is a great place for large groups to relax and get the Colorado experience.

Because of the location a 4WD vehicle is recommended and required during the winter. The county managed dirt road is not maintained during the winter, but it is generally accessible by 2WD vehicles in the non snowy months. A 4WD vehicle will also help if you try to explore the surrounding area. With the Aspen trees, reservoirs, and endless trails it is definitely a place worth exploring.

The large cabin is perfect for large groups or families and can easily fit 10 guests. For the 10 guests there are six beds as well as three baths.

  • Amenities: Full kitchen
  • Bathroom: Running water
  • Guests: 10
  • Price: $285/night

Fawn Cabin

fawn cabin

Fawn Cabin

This secluded cabin sits on 5 private acres of land. This cabin gives you the secluded feeling but is not far from other attractions and towns. The in Florissant and is 20 minutes from Cripple Creek, 20 minutes from Eleven Mike (South Platte River), 10 minutes from the Florissant Fossil Beds, and is about an hour from Colorado Springs. Even though it is secluded fishing, a national park, and the stores are within half an hour of the cabin. The cabin houses 4 guests with three bedrooms, 3 beds, and 1 bathroom.

The cabin comes with a hot tub but there is a list of acceptable rules on the posting that should be read before use. The host also does not allow pets, parties or smoking.

  • Amenities: hot tub, fire pit, full kitchen
  • Bathroom: Running water
  • Guests: 4
  • Price: $162/night

Barr Camp Upper Cabin

barr camp upper cabin

Barr Camp accommodations

If you really want a secluded cabin, then the private upper cabin at Barr Camp is your destination. The cabin is at the Pikes Peak base camp (Barr camp) which is 10,200’ up Pikes Peak. The camp is used as an overnight resting point before summitting Pikes Peak. With that said, there are no roads up to Barr camp. It is a 6+ mile hike up over 3000’ to get to the cabin. The cabin can host 12 people and comes with meals included. It is not recommended as a get away because hikers use the cabin as a place to rest before summitting Pikes Peak, but it is a very secluded cabin you can rent. With no roads around you can not get much more secluded than this.

Honorable Mentions

The following do not fall into the secluded cabin territory as they are not all cabins and not all of them are super secluded. But, these might be perfect for what you are looking for so I decided to include them anyways. The first two are secluded, but do not fall into the cabin category. The last one is a get away house south of Colorado springs.

Tentrr Signature Site

tent site

Luxury Tent Site

This is a large campsite up at 10,000ft with a large, sealed tent that has a queen size bed. This 48 acre property makes the perfect romantic get away. The site offers amazing views of Pikes Peak and other views that can go for over 100 miles.

The property sits south east of cripple creek and victor near where the Aspen Lake House sits. Similarly to the Aspen Lake House, 2WD drive is not recommended during the winter months. A 4WD vehicle is highly recommended, especially in the winter months.

The site has a main canvas tent, but also includes a 5 person pop-up dome tent. There is a picnic table and benches along with an outdoor camp shower and toilet. Because this is a camp site little is included. Bedding and pillows for the queen should be brought as well as lighting, a cooler, and anything else you will need.

  • Bathroom: Outdoor
  • Guests: 6
  • Price: $125/night

Grey Wolf Resort

Grey Wolf Resort Airstream and Tiny House

Grey wolf resort is contains a retro Airstream and a tiny house. It is just south of victor in a similar area to the Tentrr Signature Site and the Aspin Lake House. The resort is accessed by a dirt road, but the road to the site is much more travelled than the previous two places mentioned in the same area.

The place can accommodate 4 guests with two bedrooms and three beds as well as one bathroom. A full bathroom is included as well as a kitchen.

Pets are allowed but infants (0-2), parties and smoking are not.

  • Amenities: Kitchen, disc golf
  • Bathroom: Indoor
  • Guests: 4
  • Price: $125/night

Family Nature Retreat

Family Nature Retreat

This getaway house is on 10 acres of land and is south of Colorado spring on the east side of the Front Range Mountains. It is easily accessible off of highway 115. This is secluded enough to be away from the city, but close enough to be within very easy reach of everything Colorado Springs has to offer.

There are plenty of amenities for this large house. The kitchen comes fully prepared with just about any appliance you need. The open layout allows for great mingling with your large group. The family room has a large projector for gatherings. 12 guests can be accommodated in four bedrooms with eight beds and three baths. This is honestly a great place for families and get togethers. The 10 acres, game room, and easy access to Colorado’s most popular attractions makes this a great place for a vacation.

The property does not allow parties or smoking, but it does have incredible amenities.

  • Amenities: Full kitchen, fire place, fire pit, AC, washer and dryer, garage and large driveway parking, dedicated office space, wifi
  • Bathroom: Running water
  • Guests: 12
  • Price: $240/night