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Pikes Peak

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North Cheyenne Canyon Park

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Eleven Mile Canyon

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Garden of the Gods

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What Makes Colorado Unique

Over 29 Hot Springs

Colorado has an abundant amount of hot springs scattered all over the state. There are 29 well established hot springs built up with plenty of amenities. Some are more family friendly than others, but there are enough to offer something for everyone. For the adventurous people there are a handful of alpine, back country hot springs. These offer a private and secluded experience for soakers.

32 Ski Resorts

According to business insider Colorado has 10 of the top 20 resorts. Colorado is also home to the best ski resort in America. There is no better place in the states for skiing and snowboarding. With 32 different ski resorts there are plenty of options for everyone regardless of your skill level or budget. There are family owned resorts designed for beginners and intermediates; while other resorts are almost all black trails. Some resorts can be as cheap as $80, while others can offer an above luxury experience for much more.

58 14,000+ ft Mountains

14ers (14,000+ ft mountains) are beautiful and offer near unlimited activities for everyone. Some 14ers are class 1 and very well maintained. Two of the 14ers even offer roads to the summits making those two roads the highest altitude roads in North America. For the thrill seakers there are plenty of class 5 14ers with Longs Peak claiming (on average) multiple lives every year. Like mentioned, there is something for everyone, even fishing. Some 14ers offer high altitude fishing on the way to the summit.

22 Million Acres of Public Land

Colorado has a massive amount of public land which helps preserve the area while allowing everyone to enjoy it. There are national grasslands, national monuments, national parks, national forests, recreation areas, nature centers, open spaces, state parks, wild life centers, and more! There are all types of preserved areas and with the correct vehicle you can go anywhere you want!

Over 2,000 Alpine Lakes

Colorado is not known for its lakes, but that does not mean they fall short. Colorado's alpine lakes are beautiful and add even more activities to Colorado's repository. These lakes make swiming, boating, fishing and cliff jumping possible. In the winter they are great for ice fishing and ice skating!